In addition to pig can also be when the police: Wuhan Iron and Steel subsidiary employees were assigned

Wuhan Iron and Steel Company Heavy Industry Group 45 workers went to Wuhan Chemical Industry Park (hereinafter referred to as
Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company. The recession in the steel industry has not only made non - steel business a life - saving ring for steel enterprises, but some dramatic changes have taken place in the labor - intensive workers. As one of China's three major iron and steel enterprises, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group, three years ago to try to raise the behavior of pigs was once controversial, and now, their surplus workers are ahead of the enterprise "was transformed." September 9, Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company (hereinafter referred to as "Wuhan Iron and Steel") official website news, Wuhan Iron and Steel Company Heavy Industry Group, 45 workers went to Wuhan Chemical Industry Park (hereinafter referred to as "Chemical District") when the Association, Wuhan Iron and Steel Chairman , Party secretary Ma Guoqiang, deputy general manager Fu Lianchun, Liu Xiang site for workers off. Heavy Industry Group on the 10th to the surging news ( response, "people are sent by us, the identity of these employees Wuhan Iron and Steel unchanged, we give the 'five insurance a gold' is also unchanged, there is a Their organizational relationship is unchanged. " Taking into account the chemical industry with the Wuhan Iron and Steel side of the income may have a certain difference, Heavy Industry Group, said, "for this situation, we may have some subsidies." It is understood that the 45 workers in the age of 52 years old, minimum 32 years old, most of the production line of machine tools, modeling workers, welders and so on. The 45 workers from the state-owned industrial workers to the social service personnel changes, heavy industry group, said, "one is because we are now the market for the amount of contract is not full, the second is because with the growth of the post competent skills back " Heavy Industry Group by the original Wuhan Iron and Steel Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Iron and Steel Wuhan Iron and Steel Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. joint reorganization, Wuhan Iron and Steel Group is the core of equipment manufacturing enterprises. With the steel industry into the winter, such as heavy industry group of steel supporting enterprises are also suffering. Wuhan Iron and Steel official website also mentioned that the face of the steel industry showed low growth, low efficiency, low prices, high pressure of the new normal, and the steel industry solidarity with the metallurgical equipment manufacturing industry is encountered re-shuffle the grim difficulties. Heavy Industry Group shut down and continue to lose losses, loss of hope units and production lines, a substantial streamlining of the workforce, resulting in a lot of surplus workers. Part of the production line because the contract is not full, workers can not be guaranteed income. Heavy Industry Group to the surging news, "the company has nearly 2,000 people in the post, the current view of the steel industry is not thawing signs, within a year or two will certainly ease." Wuhan Iron and Steel as a central enterprise, social responsibility for workers, enterprises in addition to development , Focus on the future, but also to solve the immediate problem, that is, workers want to eat. Wuhan Iron and Steel official website news also shows that the first to provide 45 Association posts, the next step will continue to provide police, security and property more than 300 jobs to attract heavy industry workers. Heavy industry is also actively explore other social channels, will continue to send workers to service Jiangxia and other external markets. In this regard, the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau of Chemical Industry Branch of a political office of the director of the surging news, said, "there are other similar brother branch, the next step may also refer to our form with the Wuhan Iron and Steel to negotiate" The According to the director, the aforementioned mentioned 45 employees, of which 35 were in its branch, and the other 10 were in the chemical industry in other enterprises on the internal security posts. "By the Wuhan Iron and Steel to pay their social security, etc., by our branch to hire a professional security company with them signed labor relations, wages, monthly salary of about 2000." For the surplus labor force of the heavy industry group to the industrial area to transport the matter, the director called the "win-win event", "our chemical industry is ready to focus on the business place closed management, chemical district has just started, early to civil defense, consider To our branch of the police lack of factors, need to recruit experts. We are relatively close from Wuhan Iron and Steel, with the relationship between the enterprises have to deal with more harmonious. The director told the surging news, the so-called "win-win event" by the heavy industry union chairman Wu Ruijian with the bureau responsible for the internal defense brigade captain led to contact.

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