Two cars after a slight collision a driver stabbed each other to escape one day arrested

Guangdong Province, Dongguan City, two small cars in the town of a slight collision
Two cars collided with the scene. October 24 afternoon, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Qing Town, two cars occurred a slight collision, the driver was a knife with the driver Zheng stabbed after the escape from the scene, Zheng rescue invalid death. October 26 Dongguan City Public Security Bureau Cheonggyecheon Branch staff told the surging news, the suspect Ming was arrested on the 25th afternoon by the police, the case is still under investigation. Dongguan City, local life WeChat public "Today Zhangmutou" released live photos show that a black car on the right side of a white car in front of the front, the two cars are no serious deformation. While the police car parked, wearing a police service staff is taking pictures of the scene of the accident, and pulled up the cordon in the vicinity. The suspect was arrested at the scene. 24, Dongguan City Public Security Bureau Qingxi Branch official WeChat "safe and clean river" informed that at 14:30 on October 24 Xu, Qingxi Town, Qingxia Village Cultural Square at the junction of a deliberate injury case, a victim Was stabbed by the knife, died by the rescue. Suspects fled the scene after committing the crime. After a preliminary investigation, the victim was sent to the victim (male, 47 years old, Hunan) driving the car and the perpetrators Ming (male, 48 years old, Hubei people) driving a slight collision of the car, the latter two dispute , A knife with a knife will be stabbed after the stump of Zheng. Jeong by 120 doctors on-site first aid invalid death. At present, Cheonggyecheon police are trying to catch a clear one. Police sued the suspect Ming, as soon as possible surrendered. 25, "safe and clean Creek" once again issued a police briefing that, at 25 o'clock on the 25th, Cheonggyecheon Huizhou City in Huizhou City, captured a knife wounding suspects Ming a. After a preliminary trial, Ming a on its afternoon in the afternoon of October 24 in the town of Qingxi Township Cultural Square all the way to save the knife deliberately hurt the crime of confessed. At present, the case is still under investigation.

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